Because our customers’ interest is also ours

Zitro offers its customers a package of services combining promotional systems in gaming locations with tools to attract new customers on social networks and inviting them to visit land-based casinos.

Promotional systems

Choose how and when!

New range of dynamic, open systems that can be configured to adapt to promotions that the operator decides to offer players, on selected days of the week and in specific time slots.

Attracting new customers through social media

The digital transformation is here!

We know how important it is for your business to attract new customers, and social networks are the most far-reaching way to contact an exponentially growing group of consumers.
Zitro has developed an app that is unique in the market, which allows the player to view where the next available promotion will take place.

Expert consultation

In Zitro we know how to run promotions!

 We have been in the world of Bingo for more than 10 years and we know better than anyone how to run promotions to take advantage of every time-slot in the gaming locations and how to increase revenue. We constantly monitor all machines and help you programme promotions in the most efficient way. No one knows more about promotions than Zitro!

Promotion in the casino

No player is left out!

In addition to the traditional promotional support, we offer the possibility of programming the upcoming promotion in advance and announcing it on the machines. Make sure your players know which and when the next promotion will be!