ZITRO operates in a sector with great social repercussions. As an entertainment company, there are many aspects to be taken care of to avoid illegal, excessive or dependent use, and, as in all aspects of life, one has to know how to take care of and prevent them.

Aware of this problem and thanks to its commitment to society, Zitro promotes the values of Responsible Gaming and encourages proper use of the products for entertainment.

In this regard, Zitro is one of three companies that make up the Responsible Gaming Advisory Council for the Spanish Government, to put into action a strategy aimed at reducing the damage caused by games of chance. At the same time, Zitro is working closely with the Authorities to provide a framework for developing and offering planned and coordinated initiatives for responsible gaming.

At the same time, ZITRO wishes to favour a culture of responsible gaming in order, bit by bit, to gain the confidence and respect of all players who use its products. Therefore, ZITRO undertakes, with all seriousness and professionalism, to promote and support all those initiatives that guarantee the best for the players.

ZITRO invites all players who make use of its products to observe a few simple rules of behaviour in order to ensure that the game continues to be a pleasure that can be fully enjoyed at any time:

· Define a budget for your gaming which is compatible with your financial resources and promise yourself that you will not exceed this limit for any reason.

· Do not increase the frequency with which you play – enjoy your gaming in your free time only.

· Do not borrow money in order to play.

· Do not play to “recover your losses”.

Also, Zitro makes information available to its players that is of interest for the quick detection of possible problems and how to treat them correctly:

A self-assessment test that will let you know if you have gaming addiction problems.

If those problems are detected and you need help, there are various organizations and associations nowadays that specialize in pathologies connected to gaming and which one can approach in order to deal with any possible problem.

Also, in order exclude oneself from online and on-site gaming in Spain, one can register with the Registro General de Interdicciones de Acceso al Juego (RGIAJ)

If you have any doubts in this regard, Zitro gives the address: juegoresponsable@zitrogames.com for anyone who needs it.

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Responsible Gaming Test

Detect if you have adiction problems
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Entidades especializadas

  • Fejar: Federación Española de Jugadores de Azar Rehabilitados

  • Abla: Asociación Barcelonesa de Ludopatía y Adicciones

  • Aralar: Asociación de Ludópatas de Navarra

  • Asajer: Asociación Alavesa de Jugadores en Rehabilitación

  • Azajer: Asociación Aragonesa de Jugadores de Azar en Rehabilitación

  • Juguesca: Asociación JUGUESCA. Centro de Tratamiento de Adicciones y Juego

  • Fajer: Federación Andaluza de Jugadores de Azar Rehabilitados

  • Aluesa: Asociación para la Atención a la Ludopatía y a la Exclusión Social

  • Arja: Asociación Riojana de Jugadores de Azar en Rehabilitación

  • Atejure: Asociación Tinerfeña de Jugadores Rehabilitados

  • Ekintza Dasalud: Asociación de Rehabilitación de Adicciones Psicológicas de Gipuzkoa