Big Time combines management systems that provide open,
dynamic and configurable jackpots for every location.
It consists of four promotional systems that allow you to programme promotions
in days and shifts suitable for the operator,
as well as the value of the prizes that you choose to offer players.

Jerry has gone completely crazy and can’t stop giving out prizes.
He’s totally mad and takes the Jerrypot prize, a progressive machine jackpot, through the roof.

Time is money, so with Big Hour you’ll have an exciting time.
Configure the quantity of prizes and their values in a specific time frame and promote them with all the hype. This exciting community prize will keep players in suspense till the last moment.

Fasten your seat-belts, Air Cash is taking off loaded with more prizes than ever.
The exciting progressive prize from the Air Cash community adds an increase to the value of the prizes, which is shared out while the event is being promoted.

Pirates are back stalking the seas, but this time they want to board more ships.
Super Botín offers players the chance to enjoy the wonderful El Botín community game, but this time with an even bigger prize.

It’s Zitro prize time!

Happy Hour banishes the concept of the static bingo machine that always offers players the same experience. Happy Hour is the promotional system for bingo games, which creates special moments for players and pays out lots of Air Cash and El Botín prizes over a certain length of time.